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By Enthusiasts to Enthusiasts

At FlybyCockpits, we are deeply passionate about the products we offer. Our team comprises engineers, technicians, flight simmers and pilots who take pride and care in every aspect of our products.

We are personally invested in what we deliver, and aviation has been our life for the past decade. We believe that this level of dedication and commitment is unique and it is one of our trademarks.

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10 Years in the market

We have more than a decade of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and building cockpit simulation solutions while providing top tier customer support.


Trusted Clients


Professionals from diverse backgrounds working together


Different countries our products have been shipped to and deployed

how we do it

When it comes to our products, we have a unique approach.

Every yoke, every cockpit shell, every rudder pedal and every single product that leaves our facility, was carefully engineered to not only to be easy to install and use but also to achieve high levels of immersion when used. All our products are hand built by our technicians using the best materials we could source for the job. Everything is packed with care to ensure that you get your products in the same state they left our building.

We believe that if you do every step of the process meticulously with passion, genuinely respect for our customers and products, the end result is bound to be great.